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Teeth whitening in Noonday

Count on us at KayCare Family Dental, PC for safe, effective, and quick teeth whitening. You can have it done right here, in just about an hour, or use or convenient take-home method to get similar results in as little as a few days. No matter what your reasons are, you can be assured of a more brilliant smile.

Are you a smoker? Tobacco is probably the single most common reason for needing teeth whitening. Even with moderate use, your teeth can turn yellow. With heavy use, they may even turn brown. And if you vape, you’re not off the hook. Any tobacco intake is going to put your teeth at risk. Our Noonday dental office also wants you to know about the various common beverages that cause you to gaze in the mirror and feel dissatisfied with how your teeth look. Coffee, tea, wine, and cola are all culprits. And that means not just red wine, but white, as well. As coffee and tea have become ever more popular as all-day drinks, there is no doubt that our Noonday dental office sees increasing interest in our teeth whitening treatment. Those who like berries are most likely aware of their nutritional value. You should be aware, though, that they stain your teeth. So do curry, soy sauce, and many types of hard candy. You might want our teeth whitening because of fluorosis, a condition caused by over-fluoridation during early tooth development, or because your tooth enamel has worn down to make your teeth look duller.

Let our Noonday dental office be instrumental in transforming your smile from discolored to brilliant. Just contact us right now and we will schedule a good time for you to come in and decide which of our excellent whitening treatments is most suitable for you.

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