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Noonday Emergency Dentist

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Treating Toothaches in Noonday

So you’re minding your own business, maybe at work or relaxing at home, when out of nowhere you feel a twinge in your tooth. Should you ignore it and just hope it goes away? You could, but that’s usually just wishful thinking. The better course of action is to contact us at KayCare Family Dental, PC. We are dedicated to handling dental emergencies for our valued patients, and there is no more common one than a toothache.

Of course, the discomfort itself is reason enough to seek prompt care. Toothaches can range from bothersome all the way up to excruciating. And even a mild one can suddenly, and without warning, escalate. Why take unnecessary chances? Our Noonday emergency dentist is prepared to address the situation right away. But in addition to the pain are the possible implications that grow more alarming the longer you wait. Most toothaches indicate that the inner tooth is exposed, such as from a cavity or a chip in the tooth structure. That exposure can result in inflammation and the infection. You may experience swelling and pus. In those instances, you will most likely need root canal therapy. And the worst case scenario would be losing the tooth to an extraction. Sometimes, that outcome will be unavoidable, but our Noonday emergency dentist wants it to be the last resort. Fortunately, the sooner you come in, the better the chances are that you can keep your tooth. Often, all it takes is a filling or a crown to repair the tooth, relieve your toothache, and have things back to normal.

We highly recommend that you keep our number handy. Program it in your phone at home and work, as well as your mobile phone. Your toothache should spur you to contact our Noonday emergency dentist without delay.

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